2852 South Redwood RD C17 & 18 West Valley, Utah 84119

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect of from Class

During a typical class we will do warm-up and stretches, then we will have some drills including punching drills and some self-defense techniques. We will do many types of drills to teach you real world techniques.

What Should I wear to Class

Normal workout clothes are perfectly fine for a typical class. Krav Maga is taught to be used in everyday situations so we do not wear the typical MMA uniforms.

How do I find out other information

The best thing to do is to come sit in on a class, you will feel comfortable working with the other students; and there really is no substitute for participation. You can also give Paul a call at 385-242-8956


  • Thanks for great classes. now is the time to get into the gym and fet in shape. ladies come see why Krav women are so toned and fit. anyone mention this post and ill give you two free weeks

  • No Krav Maga class tonight. I am fighting a cold. See you next week.